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1. Introduction

Professional Development and Executive Education at the University of Southern Denmark is responsible for the contact to students who study Graduate Diploma or Professional Master alongside their professional work, and to alumni (former students), who can join academic networks.

In addition, we serve as a link to the university's academic environments at The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, which offer programmes and courses targeted at businesses and organisations.

It is the university's researchers and the business community who, in close cooperation, develop the activities – all of which are based on the latest research. The purpose is to prepare businesses and employees to be able to handle the rapidly developing global market needs. Our teachers bind theory and practice close together in the teaching so that the new knowledge is easy to translate into action back in the organisation.

2. Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

The study coordinators of Graduate Diploma in Business Administration are responsible for the study administrative tasks for the Graduate Diploma programmes on all campus cities of the university.

The tasks can be grouped in the following main areas:

  • Intake of students, both 1st and 2nd part students, and the overall procedure associated with this
  • Enrolment and billing
  • Timetables and study planning
  • Planning and conducting exams (examination dates, booking of rooms, exam assignments, conducting digital exams, registration of marks and issuing of diplomas)
  • Study administrative support for teachers as well as employees at the local graduate diploma administrations
  • Booking and payment of external examiners and teachers
  • Updating the programmes’ websites with relevant exam information
  • Marketing all graduate diploma programmes, including design of brochures and the like

Secretarial duties in relation to the heads of study, heads of education, education committees and the Graduate Diploma Board of Studies, including for example:

  • Minute taker at meetings
  • Formulation of curricula and course descriptions
  • Handling applications for exemption and credit

Head of studies is Associate Professor Lars Meldgaaard.

3. Professional Master

The Professional Master study coordinators are responsible for operations and the marketing of the professional master programmes at The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences and The Faculty of Health Sciences. The tasks can be grouped in the following main areas:

  • Development and monitoring of the professional master area
  • Recruitment for the professional master programmes.See list of programmes
  • Study administrative tasks relating to the professional master area (business and social sciences and health sciences)
  • Management of contracts and agreements with external partners
  • Internal coordination at the Faculty in relation to other faculties on the University, SDU Business and Student Services at other campuses
  • Secretariat for the Study Board of the Professional Master’s programmes at the faculties of Health and Social Sciences
  • Contact to the people in charge of studies in the academic environments
  • Study administrative services in relation to the students and teachers


4. Study Board

The study board handles casework, development and quality assurance for the Graduate Diploma and Professional Master’s programmes in the areas of social sciences and health sciences.

The study board ensures that your rights as a student are complied with in accordance with current legislation. The study board is also responsible for the development and quality assurance of the academic content of the programmes.

You can read more about the study board’s work and how you apply for credit or exemption on the study board’s web pages (in Danish only).

5. Single courses and customised programs

In addition to the long-term degree programmes (Graduate Diploma and Professional Master’s), the Secretariat is also responsible for the development of shorter courses aimed at competence development for individuals.

Furthermore, we offer customised programmes for public or private organisations designed to address specific business challenges. These programmes offer competence development for a group of employees.

Short courses

  • Certified programmes
    A certified programme is for the individual who wants to achieve a tangible competence in a short time. This is a good alternative to a long-term degree programme, if time is short. The certified programmes are on a diploma or professional master’s level and build on the research strengths of The University of Southern Denmark. Teaching typically takes place on weekends, and the programme concludes with a test.  The programmes provide you with competences that enhance your ability to deal with the practical challenges in your daily work  life.
  • Day-time courses, workshops and conferences (only in Danish)


Customised programmes

Customised programmes are tailored to fit the strategy of the individual company or groups of organisations, public or private.  Here, the focus is on competence development for a larger group of employees, so that they, together, are better equipped to deal with practical challenges in the daily work life. The custom program can be held on campus or another appropriate location and will always be adapted to the organisation's current situation and needs in order to produce the desired change.

6. Network and alumni relations

The Alumni Coordinator is working actively to strengthen and deepen the relationship between The University of Southern Denmark and the alumni (former and current students at the university). The aim is, among other things, to create a good framework for networking between students and alumni.

Alumni relations is also about cooperation between the university and alumni, for example by having alumni mentor current students or offer them internships in their companies. An important part of the alumni work is also to draw on former students’ experiences from the labour market when the university develops its programmes and research, so that The University of Southern Denmark is in step with society's challenges. This is evident in the advisory boards, which often have alumni as members.

When you are following a continuing education programme at The University of Southern Denmark, you have the opportunity to be a part of the official alumni network, SDU Alumnet.

Head of Secretariat:
Torben Munk Damgaard
Phone: +45 65501382/ +45 60111382  
Deputy Director:
Trine Tybjerg Holm
Phone: +45 65504755/ +45 21177855        
New ideas for individuals and organisations

The Secretariat of Professional Development and Executive Education offers a range of opportunities for competence development: Seven professional master’s programmes in the fields of politics, economics and the health sciences; Graduate Diploma in Business Administration; degree and non-degree short courses and study courses in communication, media, languages, management and organisation as well as customised programmes for private and public organisations who want competence development for a group of employees.

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