The Department Council

The following is an excerpt from the Statute for University of Southern Denmark:

34. A Department Council is formed in order to include the employees and the students in significant decisions at department level.

(2) The Department Council must discuss and advise the management of the department in matters that are relevant to the development of the department, its organisation and finances. These include:

1.   The professional development work of the department and the strategy for research, education and knowledge transfer.

2.   The contribution of the department to the strategy and development work of the faculties.

3.   The organisation of the department in relation to the research and degree courses of the faculty.

4.   The quality assurance of the department.

5.   Finances and budget, including external funding, etc.

6.   The employment policy in relation to research and courses of the faculty.

7.   The physical and social surroundings of employees and students.

8.   Student environment and well-being.

9.   Management decisions.

(3) The Department Council meets at least twice per semester.

35. The Department Council is made up of 12 members. The Head of Department is an ex officio member.

(2) Five members are elected from among the academic employees of the department, and at least three of these must be recognised researchers. The Head of Department is the Chairman of the Department Council, and a Deputy Chairman is elected from among the recognised researchers of the committee. Together they constitute the chairmanship responsible for the agenda, the minutes and follow-up.

(3) Three members are elected from among the technical and administrative staff of the department and three members from among the students.

(4) The term of office is four years for staff and two years for students. The terms of office may be renewed.

(5) In special cases the Vice-Chancellor may give dispensation from (1)-(3) following a discussion in the Academic Council.

(6) Administrative support is put at the disposal of the Department Council by the Head of Department, and the Department Council draws up the rules of procedure within the framework of the standard rules of procedure.

For further information regarding the councils' composition and meetings etc. please go to the departments' respective webpages.

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