Management and administration

The Faculty is managed by Dean Nikolaj Malchow-Møller and Vice Deans Nina Dietz Legind and Ole Friis in cooperation with the Heads of Department and the administration.

In addition, the Faculty has several councils, boards, and committees that contribute to the management and administration of the Faculty.

The administration is comprised of the administrative and professional units BSS-Education and BSS-Research, Finance and Secretariat, which support the dean, vice deans, students, staff, and management.

Dean’s Management Team:

Nikolaj Malchow-Møller


6550 2109

Nina Dietz Legind

Vice-Dean for Research

6550 2781

Ole Friis

Vice-Dean for Education

6550 3391

Heads of Departments:



Ann Højbjerg Clarke

Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management

6550 1361

Jeanette Lemmergaard

Marketing and Management

6550 3372

Niels Vestergaard

Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics

6550 4181

Christian Elmelund-Præstekær

Political Science

6550 2182

Jan Guldager Jørgensen

Business and Economics

6550 4375

Camilla Hørby Jensen


6550 2198



 Klaus Hollmann

Head of BSS-Research, Finance and Secretariat

  6550 2903

 Annette Schmidt

Head of BSS-Education

 6550 4572

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