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Zeinab Rezvani

Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics

Phone: +4565501526

What are your research interests?
I am primary interested in sustainable consumption and consumer pro-environmental behavior. I specifically look into the transport and energy contexts because they are among the major greenhouse gas emissions sources. The Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellowship is allowing me to acquire the skills and competencies of designing experimental studies related to consumer motivations for pro-environmental behaviors.

How did you become interested in your field of research?
My interest in this area of research started during the year that I lived in Amsterdam (2010-2011) and embraced the Dutch culture and lifestyle. Then I studied my PhD in one of the Sweden’s greenest cities: Umeå, with a supervisor who is a researcher in the areas of sustainability and consumer behavior. 

What research question would you above all like to find the answer to? And why is that?
The low rate of sustainable consumption is a challenge. We have (and continue to have) innovations which, if adopted by individuals, can mitigate the climate change challenge. So, I ask myself what psychological factors drive or hinder consumer adoption of sustainable products (especially sustainable innovations) and what aspects of communication messages are crucial in increasing the adoption rate of such products by individuals.

Which impact do you expect your research to have on the surrounding society?  
My research is in line with UN’s sustainable development goals related to clean air and sustainable energy and its’ audiences are policymakers and policy communicators, marketers and environmental organizations dealing with communicating pro-environmental products and policies.