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Our Vision

The cluster addresses the important societal challenge of understanding how global governance in a world that is volatile, uncertain and complex might cope with and respond to a range of pressing issues such as international security, climate change, pandemics, challenges to democracy, international trade, financial stability, digitalisation and such likes.

Challenges cannot be addressed without rules-based order

In fact, the major societal challenges facing us can only be solved within a rules-based international order based on commitment and respect.

For example, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #13 of combating climate change, perhaps the greatest societal challenge we face, is a global public good. As emission reduction costs money, each country will have an incentive to free ride. Thus, without agreements rooted in a rules-based order, international coorporation on climate change will simply not be possible.

The cluster will seek to advance knowledge about how existing institutions, organisations and actors of relevance to the rules-based order adapt and respond to the many challenges of a rapidly and fundamentally changing environment.

A hub-and-spoke network

The cluster will function as the centre of a hub-and-spoke network joining the many questions and issues related to global challenges to rules-based order.

The cluster will facilitate connections between SDU researchers across faculties who share a common concern with the challenges to the current rules-based order and who work within different research fields and employ different approaches. The aim is to facilitate interdisciplinary research to draw maximum leverage from the many individual areas of expertise that are already in place at SDU.

The cluster is inclusive and non-prescriptive in terms of discipline and institutional base, focus area and theoretical and methodological approaches. The cluster, through its encouragement and support for interdisciplinary projects with a significant funding potential, is a means to inspire new innovative research that can contribute towards finding solutions for the many societal challenges facing us today.

We welcome researchers from across the University and beyond who have an interest in rules-based order or in any of the many challenges that a rules-based order will need to address.

Work Packages

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Last Updated 23.04.2021