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11.05.2022 | Workshop 2022

Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Age Cluster

By Karol Jan Borowiecki, , 5/11/2023

We will mostly work from known ideas for research proposals: one member presents a research idea / specific research topic which the group then collectively develops further.



  • Welcome, coffee and Karol presents agenda and the purpose of the workshop
  • Presentation of funding landscape
  • Round 1: idea generation / adding suggestions to the known idea
  • Round 2: Challenge everything / question the novelty etc. in perspectives/ideas suggested
  • Round 3: Define/refine the idea and prepare a pitch in plenum
  • Round 4: Reconvene and plan next steps.
  • Round 5: Lunch


Best wishes, 

Karol Jan Borowieck

Professor , Head of Cluster, PhD, PhD
Department of Economics
Faculty of Social Sciences

Editing was completed: 10.05.2023