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28.06.2022 | Follow Up Meeting

Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Age Cluster

By Karol Jan Borowiecki, , 6/28/2022

Dear participant in the workshop held in the Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Age on May 11th.

Thank you for your participation and good work on the day. Many good ideas and takes on societal challenges were discussed, showing interesting perspectives to pursue.

In order to continue the collaboration and bring the good ideas to life, we invite you to a follow-up meeting to determine the way forward.

At the meeting we will

  1. discuss a number of suggested funding opportunities to target, presented by Research Support
  2. Point out one or more potential PIs to ensure that the work moves forward
  3. Plan our next moves in terms of setting a team, developing the idea further, possibly making a funding plan with a long term perspective, etc.

Best wishes, 

Karol Jan Borowieck

Professor , Head of Cluster, PhD, PhD
Department of Economics
Faculty of Social Sciences

Editing was completed: 27.06.2022