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Project Administration

After receiving your grant, there are steps that must be taken before project activities can begin. Most of these areas involve financial conditions for reporting and documentation, as well as, legal requirements. Additionally, if your grant requires hiring staff, it is important that they start at the right time.

The Research Support unit and the local Project Administrator/Finance staff in your department is your gateway to ensuring the project starts properly. Below, is a list of administrative staff to help with the administrative processes. Please contact them immediately after you have received your grant. Your contact will arrange a start-up meeting shortly thereafter, so your project gets a good start. 


Who is responsible in your department?

The local Project Administrators are ready to help you to start and manage your project. 

IER - Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management:
Hanne Damkjær

IMM - Department of Marketing and Management:
Gitte Storgaard Klausen

JUR - Department of Law:
Dorthe Carstensen

IVØ - Department of Business and Economics:
Helle Møller Jensen 

SEBE - Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics: 
Irene Nygaard 

STAT - Department of Political Science:
Anette Schmidt

SAMF - Faculty of Business and Social Science:
Susanne Feldt Jørgensen