SDU Academy for Societal Change (SDU ASC) aims to address major global crises in a nuanced and informed way. Below you can read more about the purpose and structure of the academy, and the first activities it has initiated.

What is SDU ASC?

Major economic, ecological, cultural, and social crises are racking the globe with increasing frequency and intensity. It is the aim for SDU Academy for Societal Change (SDU ASC) to address these crises in a nuanced and researched informed way.

SDU ASC is the Faculty of Business and Social Science’s (BSS) new platform which aims to facilitate social science researchers' interaction with and voice in the public debate.

The goal of SDU ASC is to present different scenarios on societal issues through joint interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange between some of BSS's most talented and impactful researchers, their professional academic networks and relevant stakeholders. Ultimately the  work of SDU ASC will shape and orient decision-making. 

SDU ASC structure

The academy will consist of a pool of past and present academy members including the steering committee. The steering committee is appointed by the dean of the BSS-SDU for a period of four years. The committee meets every six weeks to plan, coordinate and discuss SDU ASC activities.

Membership in SDU ASC is achieved based on merits and through contribution to academy activities. Membership will last for a period of two years. Additionally, external researchers, and stakeholders can achieve membership based on invitation related to participation in activities.

The full academy will meet once every year to discuss topics for future activities and general direction of the academy.

The first activities

SDU ASC's first activity was an international symposium under the heading The Problem of Europe. It had a wide participation and contributions of high academic quality and thereby constitute the first SDU ASC members.

The academy has also participated in the Danish Folkemøde. You can read more about the event here.

How did SDU ASC begin?

The initiative behind SDU ASC began from a series of informal conversations among a group of researchers from different research disciplines at BSS-SDU on how to heighten the visibility of the faculty’s high-profile researchers and to promote dialogue with decision-makers at different policy levels.

A working group consisting of representatives from several research environments at the Faculty has been working on formulating a terms of reference which has been approved by the heads of department at the BSS. Furthermore, the working group has been appointed by the Dean of BSS-SDU as the first steering committee for SDU ASC.


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