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Novo - Distinguished Investigator - Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine

Deadline - 11th of January, 2024
Amount - 10 mio DKK for 5 years

Phone: +45 2089 9681
Webpage: Novo Distinguished Investigator within bioscience

To promote Danish fundamental research at the highest international level the Novo Nordisk Foundation seeks to support outstanding professors with ambitious projects relevant to understanding the human organism and/or basal mechanisms underlying health and disease.

The Distinguished Investigator grant is for outstanding professors who have demonstrated the ability to execute and lead research at the highest international level. The Distinguished Investigator grant is for professors of all ages. Key is that the project is novel, excellent, has a potential high impact and is of a character that justifies a five-year grant of this magnitude.

- Applicants must be professors (MSO included).
- The project must be anchored at a university, hospital or other non-profit research institution in Denmark and during the project, applicants must be primarily employed, and have their primary research group, in Denmark.
- Recipients of this grant must contribute to the pre-graduate teaching environment at their host institution. A Distinguished Investigator grant must not be used to cover a teaching substitute for the applicant.