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Lundbeck - Professor

Deadline - 19th of January 2023
Amount - 20-40 mio DKK for 6 years

Webpage: Lundbeck Professor

The Lundbeck Foundation’s ambition is to make Denmark leading in neuroscience research by funding relevant biomedical, health, clinical and other sciences in Denmark. The goal is to foster world-class research at Danish universities and Danish university hospitals. At the same time, our grants must help provide an environment that stimulates the best graduates and scientists at all career levels.
The purpose of the Lundbeck Foundation professorship programme is to support the development of a research environment centred on an internationally recognised scientist and research leader in order to advance ground-breaking research. We expect the Lundbeck Foundation Professor to make significant contributions to research and, at the same time, develop and mentor junior researchers.
Lundbeck Foundation believes that diversity strengthens science and for this reason diversity, including, but not limited to, gender and ethnic origin, is encouraged. It is therefore important that we receive applications from as many qualified scientists as possible, from all backgrounds
Research theme 
The research should be within the field of basic or clinical neuroscience, or science with clear relevance to neuroscience. The term ‘neuroscience’ is used here in its broadest sense, hence including medical, technical, natural and social sciences as well as humanities.
Who can apply?
We expect you to be a researcher qualified to the level of full professor and to have demonstrated excellent research leadership. We welcome internationally recognised researchers with a track record of significant and excellent achievements over the past ten years. We expect the successful applicants to spend the majority of their time on the project.
Which proposals are eligible?
Your project proposes frontline clinical, translational or basic research and you have a compelling vision for your research and clear ideas of its potential impact. The research must be based at a non-commercial Danish research institution.
How much?
You can apply for either up to DKK 20 million or up to 40 million for a period of six years with an option for renewal. We expect to award 4-6 grants. Renewal decisions are made by our Grants & Prizes Panel, based on an external peer review. The budget may include all staff and non-staff costs related to the project. Funding for full PhD stipends (including tuition fee and conference travel costs) can in total be budgeted up to DKK 1.500.000 per PhD student. PhD students are expected to become associated with Neuroscience Academy Denmark (NAD) and take part in relevant activities and PhD courses offered by NAD,
Up to 10% of the budget can be reserved for project-related, indirect costs if appropriately justified and based on a negotiation with the Foundation.
In special cases, Lundbeck Foundation will fund relocation expenses when grant recipients move to Denmark.