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Leo - Research Project

Deadline - 28th of February, 23rd of June, and 31st of August, 2023
Amount - 2-4 mio DKK for 1-3 years

Phone: +45 3046 4291
Webpage: Leo Foundation - Research Grants

About the grant
Our research grants are open competition grants given to support the best dermatology research projects worldwide. 
We welcome applications for research projects that improve the understanding of the underlying medicinal, biological, chemical, or pharmacological mechanisms of dermatological diseases and their symptoms.
We also welcome applications for projects that address clinical issues among people who are at risk of developing, or have developed, a skin disease, including how it impacts their quality of life and the societal costs involved.

The typical grant amount applied for is DKK 2–4 million for a period of 1–3 years.
A maximum of 5% of the grant amount may be used for overhead expenses.

Leo Foundation