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Carlsberg - Internationalisation Fellowship

Deadline - 1st of April, 1st of October, 2023
Amount - Up to 910,000 DKK per year for 2 years

Phone: +45 3116 2027
Webpage: Carlsberg Internationalisation

Through its Internationalisation Fellowships the Carlsberg Foundation wishes to promote the internationalisation of Danish talents and talent development in Danish research.
These fellowships are awarded to outstanding PhDs for a one-to-two year uninterrupted research stay at a leading international research institution outside Denmark.
To be eligible for the Internationalisation Fellowships, the applicant must hold a PhD degree or must have received the assessment of the PhD thesis.
The PhD degree must have been obtained from a Danish research institution.
Applicants with more than three years of experience at the time of application since obtaining their PhD degree are not eligible. Any periods of leave will be accepted as extensions of this time limit (maternity leave, paternity leave, family care leave, illness, military service, etc.). The exact PhD date must be specified in the CV.
The Internationalisation Fellowships are only awarded to PhDs with strong connection to Danish research.
Applicants who are already affiliated to the research institution where the project is to be carried out cannot apply for these fellowships.
The applicant will be expected to take up residence in the country where the international research institution is located during the period of the fellowship.
The Internationalisation Fellowships are generally tax-free in Denmark, and amount to:
DKK 450,000 per year if the applicant is travelling alone
DKK 525,000 per year if the applicant is travelling with children.
The amount is granted as a fixed rate which must cover all costs including salary.
In cases when the applicant plans to move to an particularly expensive location, it is possible to apply for up to additional DKK 60,000 per year to cover extra high rent and living expenses. 
Please see indicative list of expensive locations.
The additional DKK 60,000 must be applied for at the time of submission of the application. It is not possible to apply at a later time.
If the project is granted, the Carlsberg Foundation offers a session with a tax expert, free of charge, to those grant holders who need professional advice on how they can expect to be taxed during their stay abroad and how to fill in their tax forms.

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