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DDEA - Postdoctoral Fellowship with cofinancing from life science industry

Deadline - 23rd of August, 2023
Amount - 600k DKK for two years

Phone: +45 2964 6764
Webpage: DDEA Two-year postdoctoral fellowship

The Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy (DDEA) invites applications for two 50%-financed two-year postdoctoral fellowships of 600,000 DKK (covering salary) over a period of two years in 2023-2024.
At least 25% of the total funding of the Postdoctoral Fellowship must be covered by a private life sciences company. The other 25% remaining funding can be covered by e.g. hospitals, universities, the Danish regions or private foundations. The DDEA does not cover already ongoing projects.
Applications can be in any research field within diabetes, metabolism or endocrinology.
The DDEA strongly emphasises mobility, i.e. applications where the applicant carries out his/her postdoctoral studies in another institution than the institution where the applicant carried out her/his PhD studies and applications where the applicant plans to stay in a research institution abroad or work in another sector (i.e. general practice, industry, university, hospital) during her/his postdoctoral studies.
With these postdoctoral fellowships, the DDEA wants to support researchers who are in the beginning of their research careers and develop/consolidate their individual research profile and scientific network. 
Deadline for application is 7 February 2023 at 23:59 CET with expected date of reply 6 June 2023.
The grant must be activated within six months after receiving the grant notification letter (or by further agreement with the DDEA).
Who can apply?
In order to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship, the following requirements must be fulfilled:
- You must have a PhD degree or your PhD thesis must be accepted for defense at the time of receiving the grant notification letter*
- Any previous employment as a postdoctoral fellow must not have exceeded three years in total at the time of application. If applying for a postdoc fellowship at the same institution where you have previously been employed as a postdoc, any previous employment as a postdoc (at the time of application) must not have exceeded two years in total - but in specific cases this can be negotiated (i.e. in connection with pregnancy or illness). Please note that you can only be employed as a postdoctoral fellow for a maximum of four years at the same institution (including the potential DDEA postdoctoral fellowship) according to the law and regulations by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education regarding job structure for academic staff at the universities for candidates who apply for a second postdoctoral period at the same university (click here). The DDEA postdoctoral fellowship cannot be transferred into an assistant professor or an associate professor position.  
- The principal investigator has to be associated with a Danish research institution or a private life science company in Denmark** (foreign candidates may contact the DDEA Secretariat that will assist by recommending a potential principal investigator associated with a Danish research institution or life science company in Denmark). Please note that a principal investigator can only be principal investigator on one application for a DDEA postdoctoral fellowship (including fully financed two-year DDEA postdoctoral fellowships) (per application round).
- At least 25% of the remaining 50% funding must be covered by a private life science company (funding must be secured within six months after receiving the grant notification letter).
- High-level English language skills are required (oral as well as written).
Only postdoctoral candidates can apply for a postdoctoral fellowship (i.e. principal investigators may not apply), and you can only apply for one postdoctoral fellowship per application round (i.e. you cannot apply for both a fully financed two -year postdoctoral fellowship and a 50%-financed postdoctoral fellowship (with co-funding from life sciences industry)).