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Half-funded PhD position

Deadline - 1st of March, 2024
Amount - Covers half of a PhD salary and a fixed education grant of 100,000 DKK

Webpage: phd-halvt-finansieret

The PhD programme in the SDU Climate Cluster (SCC) aims to attract or retain research talent to/at SDU and to contribute to new interdisciplinary research collaborations that support SCC's mission to contribute to climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest.
15 MDKK has been allocated to the PhD instruments. The instruments covers 15 half PhD positions, while the other half must be funded by someone else than the SCC.
Applicants must provide funding for the half that SCC does not cover, and it is a requirement that the external funding can be documented. In other words, the external funding must be in place before applicants can be considered for SCC's PhD instrument. An SDU project fee of 10 per cent must also be paid from the external funds. The 10 per cent must therefore be secured by an external party in addition to the part that must be included in the PhD funding.
In order to comply with the SCC’s demand for interdisciplinarity, the PhD student will be associated with a principal supervisor at one faculty and a co-supervisor at another faculty. The PhD student will be affiliated to the SCC.
Applicants cannot apply for overhead at SCC, but applicants are free to apply for overhead from the external funding.
Application process
There is one annual application round for the PhD instruments. The deadline for the first application round is 1 March 2023.
A cross-faculty research team (minimum two researchers) with a climate-related research idea/project can apply for the instruments, where a PhD student can contribute to the research idea through his/her PhD study. Thus candidates for a PhD fellow cannot apply for the instruments, only researchers employed at SDU can apply.
A research team with minimum two researchers from each SDU faculty can apply for the instruments.
The application must outline the research team’s innovative climate research project and how a PhD student can work with it.
The applications must be written in English and comply with the requirements specified in the application template. All applications for the PhD instruments must be sent to the SCC by e-mail to We will acknowledge receipt of the application.