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DDEA 1/3-PhD scholarship

Deadline - 23rd of August, 2023
Amount - 550k DKK for three years

Phone: +45 2964 6764
Webpage: DDEA 2/3 PhD scholarship

The Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy (DDEA) invites applications for two co-financed 1/3 PhD scholarships of 550,000 DKK each (covering salary and tuition fee) over a period of three years.

At least 1/3 of the remaining funding of the PhD scholarship must be covered by a private life sciences company. The last 1/3 may be covered by other funding sources, e.g. hospitals, universities, the Danish regions or private foundations . The DDEA does not cover already ongoing projects.

Who can apply?
In order to apply for a co-financed (1/3) PhD scholarship, the following requirements must be fulfilled:
- You must have a Master’s degree* or an equivalent degree from a foreign university by the time of application **.
- You must not already be enrolled as a PhD student at the time of receiving the grant notification letter (6 June 2023). This means that already enrolled PhD students cannot apply for or obtain funding from the DDEA. The DDEA reserves the right to check with the relevant institution whether you are enrolled as a PhD student.
- The principal supervisor must be associated with a Danish university*** (foreign applicants may contact the DDEA Secretariat that will assist by recommending a potential principal supervisor associated with a Danish university). Please note that a principal supervisor can only be principal supervisor on one application for a DDEA PhD scholarship (including 2/3-financed DDEA PhD scholarships and DDEA/DCA Cross-Academy PhD scholarships) (per application round). 
- A co-supervisor from a private life sciences company must be affiliated with the project.
- At least 1/3 of the remaining 2/3 funding must be covered by a private life sciences company (funding must be secured within six months after receiving the grant notification letter).
- High-level English language skills are required (oral as well as written) ****.
- Only PhD candidates may apply for a PhD scholarship (i.e. supervisors may not apply), and you can only apply for one PhD scholarship per application round (i.e. you cannot apply for both a 2/3-financed PhD scholarship and a 1/3-financed PhD scholarship with co-funding from life sciences industry or a DDEA/DCA Cross-Academy PhD scholarship)).