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Danish Data Science Academy PhD Fellowship

Deadline - 28th of February, 2024
Amount - 1.8 mio DKK + 5% administrative costs

Webpage: Danish Data Science Academy Phd Scholarships

Danish Data Science Academy (DDSA) invites applications for ten three-year PhD fellowships of DKK 1,800,000 (+ 5% administrative costs) to visionary and ambitious young data scientists who want to pursue their own research ideas in collaboration with a Danish research environment. 
Applications can be within any field of data science aligning with the DDSA research scope.  
DDSA welcomes applications from candidates eligible for a Danish PhD programme (the 3+5, 4+4 and 5+3 models). It is a requirement that the applicant has a well-defined project proposal as well as an agreement with a principal supervisor at a Danish university. 
We also welcome applications from candidates who applied for a PhD fellowship during the first round of applications (2022 and 2023), but who did not receive a grant.

Who can Apply?
We welcome applications that combine excellent data science qualifications, creativity, passion for research, and the desire to engage with the data science community.  
All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, nationality, or religion are encouraged to apply. 

Eligibility criteria
Applicants with a master’s degree:
You can apply for a DDSA Fellowship based on a two-year master’s degree (120 ECTS points), in addition to a bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS points), or equivalent. 
If you have not yet finalised your master’s degree by the time of application, you must provide a statement from your master’s thesis supervisor. 

Applicants without a master’s degree: 
You can also apply based on your bachelor’s degree, and thereby integrate your master’s degree and PhD education (the so-called 4+4 and 3+5 PhD models).  
If you have not yet finalised your bachelor’s degree by the time of application, you must provide a statement from your bachelor’s thesis supervisor. 

All applicants must have high-level proficiency in oral and written English. 

The research project
Your project must be within a field of data science, and may concern basic theoretical research, development of new data science methods and technologies, and/or innovative applications of data science to generate new important insights. 
Projects mainly concerned with methods development must argue convincingly for the potential application and impact.   
Projects that have their primary focus on applications of state-of-the-art data science methods must argue convincingly for the novelty and impact of their data science approach and for the importance of the new knowledge generated.  
Your project must be aligned with the research scope to one, or both, of the DDSA funders, Novo Nordisk Foundation and VILLUM FONDEN. 

The supervisor 
In order to apply you must have a letter of support from a principal supervisor who holds a position as an associate professor or professor (or equivalent) at a Danish university and conducts research within the field of your PhD project.