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Leo - Education and Awareness

Deadline - 15th of January, 9th of April, 1st of October, 2024
Amount - below or above 1 mio DKK

Phone: +45 5370 6618
Webpage: Leo Foundation - Education and awareness grant

Through our education and awareness grants, the LEO Foundation wishes to strengthen the pipeline of future researchers within the fields of medicine, chemistry, and pharmacy, and to raise awareness about science, including skin and skin diseases.

We welcome applications for activities and projects that:
- spur the interest and strengthen the capabilities of children and young people within the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.
- disseminate research-based knowledge to the public.
- increase public awareness about science and its role in developing our society.
- promote public knowledge and understanding about skin, skin health, and skin diseases.

Eligibility criteria
The proposed activity or project should have a clear philanthropic aim and must be carried out
in Denmark.
Important notes:
- Only one application per call may be submitted from any applicant. If more are submitted only the first will be accepted for evaluation. The rest will be administratively rejected.
- An application can only have one main applicant and one host organization to which all funding will be paid out. If an application involves collaboration(s) which require redistribution of funds, such redistribution and related financial reporting is the responsibility of the main applicant and the host organization.
- Applicants cannot apply for funding for activities or projects that have already been held or will be held before expected notification from the Foundation.
- Applicants who applied for below one million and were not prioritized for funding are only allowed one resubmission of the application previously reviewed, however, with a quarantine of one round. If your application has been previously submitted (partly or in full) to the LEO Foundation, describe all relevant changes made from the previous version in a cover letter uploaded along with the mandatory attachments.
- Applicants who applied for one million or above and were not prioritized for funding cannot resubmit their pitch or full application.

The following types of expenses are covered, if directly related to your activity or project:
- Salary
- Operating costs
- Rent of facilities or equipment
- Catering
- Travel
- Administrative costs up to 5 %

Leo Foundation