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LF - Diversity Call

Deadline - 12th of April, 2023
Amount - 500k DKK

Phone: +45 5170 0615
Webpage: LF Diversity Call

The Lundbeck Foundation views diversity and inclusion as key to better research and to a better research environment. This call has been established to promote and reward initiatives that harness and promote diversity for the benefit of scientific progress and culture.
To strengthen the research environment in Denmark we must be able to attract and retain talent to develop innovative and impactful solutions to the challenges we encounter, both now and in the future. Such challenges are best tackled through the diverse use of a range of competencies, approaches, and perspectives.
For the Lundbeck Foundation, diversity means differences in methods, gender, approach, nationality, age, professional field, etc.
- Small and big initiatives are welcome (5.000 - 500.000 DKK)
- Short and long initiatives are welcome (1-day to 1 year)
Some examples of what we are looking to fund:
- enabling cross-disciplinary cultural exchange (e.g. an initiative that brings to two unrelated fields together)
- scientific activities for knowledge sharing across research generations
- unconscious bias training/ workshops
- diversity and inclusion training/ workshops
- diversity awareness or capacity development training of the leadership
- establishing mentoring or buddy programs
NOTE: You cannot apply for travel stipends or funding for research projects (please see our other calls).
How much?
Up to DKK 500,000 may be applied for per project.
Lundbeck Foundation expects to allocate DKK 2 million to this call annually.
You can only apply for expenses related directly to the initiative and not for general operational costs of organizations and/ or networks.
There will be two application deadlines annually.
Who can apply?
Departments or faculties at Danish research institutes who wish to launch initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion among researchers in the health sciences.
You can only apply once a year as a main applicant and/ or with a specific project.