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Lundbeck - Ascending Investigator

Deadline - 25th of May, 2023
Amount - 5 mio DKK for 4 years

Phone: +45 5170 0615 or +45 3059 4943
Email: or
Webpage: Lundbeck Ascending Investigator

The Lundbeck Foundation’s ambition is to make Denmark leading in neuroscience research by funding relevant biomedical, health, clinical and other sciences in Denmark. The goal is to foster world-class research at Danish universities and Danish university hospitals. At the same time, our grants must help provide an environment that stimulates the best graduates and scientists at all career levels.
The purpose of this call is to support established and talented scientists at Danish non-commercial research institutions to further develop their careers through support of significant research contributions with a potential benefit for neuroscience and therapies for nervous system disorders.
The Lundbeck Foundation believes that diversity strengthens science and for this reason diversity, including, but not limited to, gender and ethnic origin, is encouraged. It is therefore important that we receive applications from as many qualified scientists as possible, from all backgrounds.
Research theme
Advancements in neuroscience often develop from cross-disciplinary interaction, leading to novel insights into biological mechanisms, trial design, emerging technologies, etc.
With this call, we invite applicants to submit proposals from any research field with potential benefit for the advancement of neuroscience and/or therapies for nervous system disorders. The term ‘neuroscience’ is used here in its broadest sense, including medical, technical, natural and social sciences as well as humanities.
Who can apply?
We expect you to be an experienced and independent researcher with a demonstrated ability to conduct original research at a high international level, either as a permanent staff member at a university or in an equivalent position at a university hospital in Denmark. Researchers should have a track record of significant research achievements over the past five to ten years. We welcome applications from Danish-based researchers and researchers from abroad who wish to move to Denmark.
Which proposals are eligible?
Your project proposes frontline clinical, translational or basic research with a potential benefit for neuroscience, and the research must be based at a non-commercial Danish research institution. At the time of the submission deadline, you must not have an active grant portfolio for the calendar year 2021 exceeding an annual total of DKK 3.0 million for which you are principal investigator (PI). Only grants for which you are lead PI should be included in this total. If changes in the active grant portfolio for 2021 occur after 20 May, a revised research grant summary must be submitted at the latest 16 September 2021.
How much?
Lundbeck Foundation expect to allocate DKK 70 million to this call. You can apply for up to DKK 5 million for a period of four years. The budget may include all staff and non-staff costs related to the project apart from your own salary. 10% of the budget can be reserved for project-related, indirect costs if appropriately justified. If relevant to the proposed research project, the Foundation encourages applicants to use this grant as an opportunity for prolonged research visits to other research environments outside Denmark. Thus, in addition to the DKK 5 million grant, travel and housing expenses of up to DKK 100,000 will be allocated for research visits of at least five months’ duration.
For applicants that plan for a prolonged research visit additional funding can be applied for in the programme “STIPENDS FOR SABBATICAL LEAVE”. Please see: