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ERC - Public Engagement With Research Award

Deadline - 8th of February, 2022
Amount - €10,000

Webpage: ERC - Public Engagement

The European Research Council’s (ERC) Public Engagement with Research Award is designed to recognize and celebrate ERC grantees who have demonstrated excellence in public engagement and outreach.
ERC grantees have a contractual obligation to communicate their project and many of them are outstanding science communicators. The ERC would like to recognise those who engage with audiences outside their domain to communicate their research funded by the European Union.
What is Public Engagement with Research?
For the purposes of this prize, public engagement is defined as the involvement of the public in the design, conduct or dissemination of activities funded by the ERC. Engagement is a two-way process, involving interaction and mutual understanding for mutual benefit.
2022 Award amount and categories
3 awards of €10.000 each
After a successful pilot competition in 2020, the second Public Engagement with Research Award contest will have three prizes of a value of €10.000 each in the following categories:
1. Involve (citizen science)
2. Inspire (public outreach)
3. Influence (media and policy)
The winners will be invited to the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF 2022) which will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands, during the week 13-16 July 2022.
The ERC Public Engagement with Research Award will provide the winners with high visibility in the form of public interest and increased media coverage
How to apply?
ERC grantees can apply for the contest online via the Funding and Tenders Portal (ERC-2022-PERA). The full details (eligibility and admissibility criteria, award criteria, evaluation, etc.) are explained in the useful documents (see grey box on the right hand side).