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DFF - Danish ERC Programme

Deadline: 10th of May, 30th of August, 18th of October, 2021
Amount - 1.2 mio DKK incl overhead for 2 years

Phone: +45 7231 8200
Webpage: DFF-Danish ERC Programme

DFF–Danish ERC programme aims to strengthen the opportunities for talented younger researchers to obtain grants from the ERC (European Research Council) for excellent and ground-breaking research based on researchers’ own ideas within all areas of research. The intention is to give researchers the opportunity to improve their applications, which the ERC has already assessed to be of high quality but not been able to finance.
You can apply for grants for up to 35.000 DKK per month excluding overhead. Grants can be awarded for the number of months required to improve the application, but only for a maximum of 24 months. The earliest and latest start dates can be seen in section 6 of this call. The end date of a grant must, at the latest, be the ERC deadline date in which you plan to submit your revised application.
You must have received a rejection on an ERC application in 2018, 2019, 2020 or 2021 and at the same time have been rated at the top of the pool of applicants that did not receive a grant from the ERC. To apply you must have applied for either ERC-Starting Grant or ERC-Consolidator Grant and your most recent application must have reached Step 2 without receiving a grant. At the time of reapplication, the age of your PhD must be within the ERC’s restrictions for maximum PhD age for either ERC-Starting Grant or ERC-Consolidator Grant.
If your most recent application was for an ERC-Starting Grant but the age of your PhD now exceeds the restrictions for ERC-Starting Grant, you can apply for funding to improve your application for ERC-Consolidator Grant. You cannot apply for funding for applications to ERC-Advanced Grant.

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