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Deadline - 21st of September, 2021
Amount - 35 mio DKK for 7 years - depends on senority

Phone: +45 4172 7946

The purpose of the RECRUIT grants is to strengthen Danish universities in the international competition of recruiting the most talented or leading researchers from abroad within the natural and technical sciences. Researchers who come from other institutions or traditions contribute new ideas, specialized knowledge and access to international networks. As a result, they can be crucial in developing or boosting a research field. The grants are aimed at supporting the recruitment of researchers at the assistant-, associate-, or full-professor level. A RECRUIT grant is intended to provide amble funding over a long timeframe to make it more attractive for international top-researchers to relocate from abroad to establish their research group at a Danish university. The candidate must be considered ambitious and excellent at his/her career level and their research should bring substantial value and/or novelty to a research field that has a strategic relevance to the recruiting university and be within the strategic areas of support of the Novo Nordisk Foundation.  A certain nomination quota for RECRUIT is allocated to each Danish university with faculty in the natural and technical sciences.
The grant will support the recruitment of researchers that align with the following headline and strategic key themes of the Novo Nordisk Foundation:
Natural and technical science research and interdisciplinarity
Research that catalyse natural and technical science research, particularly in fields with potential interdisciplinary application to the life and health sciences and industrial biotechnology.
Key themes:
- Interdisciplinary research rooted in the natural and technical sciences
- Quantum based technologies to solve complex and important problems in biology, chemistry, or medicine
- Data science research with focus on fundamental algorithms and interdisciplinary applications
- Technology for tomorrow’s medical science and applications
- For all key themes, the supported research must have potential application in the life or health sciences or in biotechnology.
The total annual grant awarding budget is up to DKK 100 million.
For each grant, up to DKK 15 million can be awarded over a 7-year grant period for assistant professors, up to DKK 25 million can be awarded over a 7-year grant period for associate professors, and up to DKK 35 million can be awarded over a 7-year grant period for full professors.
The application process consists of two phases, where the first phase is undertaken prior to submission deadline by the universities and the second phase by the NNF after submission deadline.
The university can nominate candidates according to a quota system, pre-set by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and detailed in the application guidelines. Prior to the application deadline, the recruiting university must have undertaken an internal evaluation and identified their top candidates to be nominated. By submission deadline a nomination list must be submitted to NNF by the university. Only candidates nominated by the recruiting university will be considered for funding and the university cannot prioritize among the nominated candidates.