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Lundbeck - Visiting Professorship

Deadline - continuous
Amount - 500 k DKK for 6 months

Webpage: Lundbeck Visiting Professorships

Danish biomedical research groups can apply for funding to attract foreign guest researchers at the professor level to Denmark for 2-6 months.
- The project must be within, biomedicine or health sciences and preferentially neuroscience
- The applicant must be a leading research leader at a Danish non-commercial research institution, who wishes to invite an international colleague to Denmark
- The duration of the visiting professor’s stay in Denmark must be between 2-6 months
The applications will be evaluated based on:
- The scientific quality of the proposed project (originality, state of the art, impact and feasibility)
- The scientific qualifications of the visiting professor
- The scientific qualifications and facilities of the host environment
- The feasibility of the collaborative project suggested in the application
- The benefit for Danish research
How much:
You can apply for up to DKK 500,000 per grant for a period of two to six months. Lundbeckfonden encourages you as the host to clarify salary and relevant conditions for the visiting professor, specifically tax regulations, in collaboration with your institution before submitting your application.

The application must include an explanation of the visiting professor’s scientific qualifications including:
- Research plan for the stay in Denmark
- Publication list and CV
- Budget
- Justification of how he/she will strengthen research at the applying institution/department.
The application form should be filled out by biomedical research leaders at Danish universities/university hospitals and submitted via the Foundation’s electronic application system. Applications will be processed within 3-4 weeks.