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Villum - Experiment

Deadline - 16th of March, 2022
Amount - 1-2 mio DKK for up to 2 years

Phone: +45 2966 7086
Webpage: Villum Experiment

The Villum Experiment Programme supports unorthodox ideas in their early phase.
In traditional funding schemes, grant proposals are evaluated by review panels which judge the merits of both the scientific idea and the applicant. Typically, such review panels make their decisions by consensus. While this procedure is time-tested and widely used, it may exclude a certain class of breakthrough ideas that can seem unripe, too risky and even naive at first glance. The Villum Experiment Programme is designed for exactly those ideas.

Ready to take a chance?
With the Villum Experiment Programme VILLUM FONDEN is ready to take a chance and support the ideas which have a limited chance of succeeding, but hold great potential if they do. The ideas might hold, e.g., the potential to answer a long-standing question in science, bring a transformative understanding of a central topic, nurture a fruitful new research area or create the foundation of a novel method or technology.

- The topic of the research must be in line with VILLUM FONDEN’s definition of technical and natural sciences (please see below).
- The applicant must hold a Ph.D. degree or similar at the application deadline.
- Researchers who already hold a grant from VILLUM FONDEN ending later than 31 December 2022 are not eligible to apply.
- Researchers can apply for up to DKK 2 million (incl. 15% indirect costs) for up to two years to explore the breakthrough potential of their idea. The budget can cover all project-related expenses such as salary, travel, running costs, etc. However, please note that salary of permanently employed scientific staff is not covered.
- Ph.D. students are not eligible for support under the programme.      
- The grant must be hosted by a Danish university or research institution as indicated by a letter of support. If necessary, the research or part of it can take place at universities and research institutions abroad.
- Each application may only have a single applicant (i.e. no co-applicants).
- Each researcher may only submit one single application.
- Researchers who applied for a Villum Experiment grant in 2021 are not eligible to apply in 2022.
- Researchers applying in 2022 will not be eligible to apply in 2023.

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