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Leo - Research Project

Deadline - 7th of March, 21st of June, and 4th of September, 2022
Amount - 2-4 mio DKK for 1-3 years

Phone: +45 3046 4291
Webpage: Leo Open Competition

LEO Foundation ‘Open competition grants’ are given to support the best dermatology research projects worldwide. Thus, we welcome applications from research projects that:

- Improve the understanding of the underlying medicinal, biological, chemical, or pharmacological mechanisms of dermatological diseases and their symptoms
- Address clinical issues among people who are at risk of developing, or have developed, a skin disease, including how it impacts their quality of life and the societal costs involved
LEO Foundation Strategic grant recipients can apply for Open competition grants

The LEO Foundation’s Board of Trustees has established a formal evaluation process with a panel of national and international external experts to assist the Board in ensuring that our grants are given to the best projects and the most qualified applicants.

The LEO Foundation requests that results from the research funded by the Foundation are shared with the public, patients and healthcare professionals – for example through publication in peer-reviewed journals, oral presentations, or public awareness campaigns.

Leo Foundation