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DFF - International postdoc

Deadline - 21st of September , 2021
Up to 1.35 M DKK for 2 years abroad

Phone: +45 7231 8200
Webpage: DFF call

DFF-International Postdoctoral Grant aims to strengthen the international mobility of younger talented researchers, as well as to develop the competencies of researchers in the beginning of their research career. The intention is to enable the grant recipient to consolidate their individual research profile by independently managing a concrete research project at a research institution outside of Denmark. The grant amounts to a total of up to DKK 1,350,000 over a 2-year period.
Applicant requirements
You must have obtained a PhD degree or expect to submit your thesis for defence within 12 months after the application deadline, or have obtained equivalent qualifications (e.g. a positive assistant professor assessment (”adjunktbedømmelse”) in order to apply for a DFF-International Postdoctoral Grant. Your PhD degree must have been obtained from a Danish research institution.
As a PhD student, you may apply if you attach a declaration from your supervisor stating that your thesis will be submitted for defence within 12 months after the application deadline. If you are awarded a DFF-International Postdoctoral Grant, but subsequently fail to submit your PhD thesis within the given deadline, the grant will be annulled. Please note that your PhD diploma must be submitted to DFF before the first instalment of the grant can be made.
DFF places emphasis on the fact that you, as an applicant, are in the beginning of your research career, and therefore your PhD age must not exceed three years at the expiration of the application deadline. The exact date of obtaining the PhD degree, as it appears on the PhD diploma, must be stated in the application form in e-grant.

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