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Novo - Visiting Postdoc Fellowships at Stanford Bio-X

Deadline - 17th of February, 2021
Research stay 3 years abroad and 1 year in Denmark

Phone: +45 4172 7946
Webpage: Visiting Postdoc Fellowship at Standford Bio-X

The Novo Nordisk Foundation invites young, ambitious researchers to apply for a Visiting Scholar/ Visiting Postdoc Fellowship in interdisciplinary research at the highest international level. The fellowship offers an opportunity to carry out a research project where 3 years are dedicated to work at the prestigious Stanford University in California, USA, under the Stanford Bio-X Institute, followed by up to 1 year at a university or other public or non-profit research institution in Denmark.
The foundation seeks to accomplish the objectives of this call by two means:
By giving the awardee the opportunity to obtain research experience, training and knowledge in a unique interdisciplinary environment at the highest international level, while also openly exchanging intellect and ideas with Stanford peers.
- By associating the awardee to a Danish research institution throughout the project, thereby facilitating the return of the awardee from Stanford, and his/her continued research career in the Danish research environment.
- It is possible to apply within all research fields covered by natural and technical sciences, biomedicine and/or biotechnology, under the condition, that the project is of interdisciplinary structure with potential applications to biomedicine, human health or biotechnology.
The successful candidate:
- Will have obtained a PhD degree within 5 years of the fellowship start date.
- Will have a solid education and experience within natural and technical sciences, biomedicine and/or biotechnology, and a deep interest in interdisciplinary research.
- Must document that he/she will be employed by a Danish university or other public or non-profit research institution (that will also administrate the grant) during the entire scholarship period.
- Is excited about this opportunity to boost his/her own career, as an investment for a future research leader in Danish.
- Has a significant association to the Danish educational system or research environment, e.g. by having graduated from a Danish University or worked as a postdoc in Denmark.
In total, the duration of the fellowship is 4 years.
The Novo Nordisk Foundation will award approx. DKK 1 million per year, for a total of up to DKK 4 million per fellowship.