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Innovation Fund Denmark - Industrial PhD

Deadline: 21st of September, 2021
Funds for salary, company and host insitution

Phone: +45 6190 5002
Webpage: Erhvervs PhD

Industrial PhD projects create commercial benefits for companies, strengthen universities’ relationships with the industry and allow students to see their research applied in real life.

Collaboration between a private company, a university and an Industrial PhD student.

Co-financing the company’s expenses for the student’s salary and travel activities as well as the university’s expenses for the project.

How much?
Up to DKK 17,000 per month to the Industrial PhD student’s salary. Up to DKK 100,000 for the company’s expenses for the student’s travel activities and participation in courses. Fix amount of DKK 360,000 (incl. overhead) for the university.

Innovation Fund