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Novo - Project grants for strengthening STEM subjects in vocational education and training

Deadline - 15th of September, 2021
Amount - 5 mio DKK for 5 years

Phone: +45 2465 0140
Webpage: NNF STEM subjects in vocational education

The Novo Nordisk Foundation wants to support general science education and cultivate interest, knowledge and competencies in natural science and technology among children, young people and the general population in Denmark.
Through this call for applications, the Foundation seeks to contribute to strengthening the interest in and the quality of teaching STEM subjects at vocational education and training (EUD and EUX). The aim of this is to strengthen students’ competencies within the STEM subjects, and to ensure a strong grounding in natural science in their vocational occupation after graduation. Additional information about the call, as well as a delimitation of the STEM subjects at vocational education and training, is included in the “Information and Guidelines for Applicants”.

Project field
Applicants can apply for support for projects that strengthen the quality of teaching the basic subjects within STEM and the STEM related content of subjects in programme specialisations in vocational education and training (EUD and EUX). This could include:
- The development and implementation of methods, materials and resources for STEM teaching, including strengthening the cohesion between STEM related content in the basic subjects and in the subjects of the programme specializations
- Science competitions, special offers and activities for talented students at vocational education and training within STEM programmes. Activities can also aim to motivate more young people to choose a STEM-related vocational education 
. Development projects to improve the competences of teachers and a holistic teaching approach within STEM basic subjects and subject programme specialisations with STEM content. Please note that applicants can only apply for support to participate in continuing education programmes that have been developed in the present project
The projects must target the youth education level in the Danish Realm (EUD and EUX).
Collaborations with industries/companies are encouraged.
During the grant period, the applicant must be a leader at or responsible for a project at the administrating institution for the project applied for. The administrating institution for the project must be a public institution and/or non-profit organization, including educational institutions, knowledge centres municipalities or associations in the Danish Realm.
The Foundation has four calls for applications in 2021 within natural science education and outreach. A person may only be the main applicant for one application in these four calls. Co-applicants are not subject to similar rules.
Applications, which fall within the calls for Project grants for natural science education and informal learning environments in spring and fall 2021 or Project grants for science communication and debate will not be considered in this call.
The information and guidelines for applicants provide more information on the general rules for applications.
A total of up to DKK 15 million is available for grants between DKK 100,000-5,000,000 for projects of up to 5 years duration.
The project may be an independent, delimited project or a part of a larger project that is also supported by other partners.
The Novo Nordisk Foundation will not award grants for:
- Commercial activities;
- buildings; and
- overhead (such as rent, electricity, water and maintenance).
Collaborating industries/companies cannot receive funding from the grant.
The information and guidelines for applicants provide information on which types of expenses applicants may apply for funding for.
The application system is in English, but applications can be submitted in either Danish or English. The language chosen will not influence the assessment of the application.
Application process
The application must be completed and submitted using NNF’s online application and grant management system, NORMA.
It is important that applicants read all information and guidelines for applicants since they contain detailed information on the application process.
Assessment criteria
The Foundation’s ad hoc Committee on STEM vocational education and training will assess the applications based on the following criteria:
- the project’s consistency with the purpose of the call for applications;
- the capacity and qualifications of the applicant and the applicant institution;
- the professional quality of the project;
- the relevance and importance of the proposed project, and how it builds on possible existing knowledge and initiatives;
- the project plan, method and feasibility to be implemented, including plan of evaluation and knowledge dissemination;
- expected benefit for the target group and in relation to knowledge building;
- the potential of strengthening the professional quality by involving industrial/business partners;
- if relevant, the capacity and qualifications of the co-applicants and collaboration partners;
- if relevant, the embeddedness, originality, scalability and opportunities for dissemination of the project throughout Denmark
- if relevant, the research environment and research excellence.