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Konrad Krawczyk

Assistant Professor

Phone: +45 6550 2985
Webpage: Konrad Krawczyk

My main protein of interest is an antibody -- our organisms way to develop a 'binder' against an arbitrary molecule. As a result of this function, antibodies have been harnessed as biotherapeutics. Therefore studying antibodies one one hand deepens our understanding of the immune syste and on the other holds translational potential for developing novel therapeutics. I am specifically interested in how antibodies achieve their binding and how they can be engineered to create better therapeutics. To that end I focus on developing computational methods for studying these molecules (see here). My current goal here though is to chart the diversity of the next generation sequencing data of B-cell receptors:
I am also interested in how proteins recognize each other as this is what runs the show in our organisms.
Group webpage: Konrad Krawczyk
A complete list of publications by Konrad Krawczyk can be found here.