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Carolin Löscher

Associate Professor

Phone: +45 6550 8456

Carolin Regina Löscher is Associate Professor of Marine Microbial Ecology at Nordcee, a section of the Department of Biology, and at DIAS. She obtained her PhD in Biological Oceanography in 2012 from the University of Kiel (Germany), in collaboration with the Helmholtz Institute for Ocean Research- GEOMAR, and the Max Planck Institute for marine microbiology, Bremen. After obtaining her PhD, Carolin worked on several independent projects in Kiel, with external stays on Cape Verde, in Peru and Chile. Carolin then received a prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship from the EU’s H2020 program, which she took to SDU to study the evolution and ecology of marine feedback cycles and their response to climate change. Within Nordcee, she established her research group in 2017 after receiving a DIAS fellowship, and became A fellow of the National Ocean and Atmosphere Administration of the USA and Princeton University in 2019 to implement her findings into large scale climate prediction models. In 2020, Carolin developed a new research direction at SDU in the field of Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement as a tool to mitigate climate change with the support of a Villum Young Investigator Grant. 
Carolin and her team are currently working on the following research questions:
How do microbes and phytoplankton respond to Ocean warming, acidification and oxygen loss?
Are there microbial feedbacks or any other life-climate interactions which can counteract climate change?
How can we protect the Ocean best from human-made climate change? 
How can we use the Ocean to mitigate climate change altogether?
The core methods used in Carolin’s team are:
Isotope labeling experiments to measure biogeochemical turnover of nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen
Metagenomics and -transcriptomics based on Illumina and Nanopoe sequencing
Quantitative molecular methods (qPCR, FISH)
Trace gas analysis
Carbon chemistry (total alkalinity, pH, dissolved inorganic carbon)
Group webpage: Carolin Löscher
A complete list of publications by Carolin Löscher can be found here.