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Alexander Treusch

Associate Professor

Phone: +45 6550 2733

Research interests
With my research interests I cover a broad range of topics, ranging from the adaptation of microbial communities to seasonal or anthropogenic perturbations in lakes and soil ecosystems to archaeal lipids, including their biosynthesis and application in biotechnology.
A common theme in all my research projects is my interest in organisms of the domain Archaea, their physiology, their membranes, their biotechnological potential, their ecological importance and their interactions with other organisms in the environment.
I am using microbiological and molecular ecological methods to answer my research questions.
Reseach Topics
- Microbiology, environmental microbiology, molecular microbial ecology
- Microbiome structure and function in soil, marine and freshwater ecosystems
- Anthropogenic influences on microbiomes (climate change)
- Archaea, Thaumarchaeota, archaeal lipid metabolism, use of archaeal lipids for oral drug delivery
A complete list of publications by Alexander Treusch can be found here.