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Hans Ulrik Riisgård

Professor Emeritus

Phone: +45 6550 9197

My research has mainly contributed to filter feeding, bioenergetics and fluid mechanical analysis of filter-pumps in marine invertebrates. Key words: filter-feeding in marine invertebrates; bioenergetics (food-uptake, assimilation, respiration, energy budgets, growth, costs of growth, growth efficiency); biological filter-pumps; biomixing; fluid mechanics; population grazing impact; particle capture mechanisms; benthic-pelagic coupling; biological structure and nutrient dynamics; grazing impact of benthic filter feeders; implications of density driven currents for interaction between jellyfish and zooplankton. Several research sojourns, among them: Skidaway (USA), Woods Hole (USA), University of Wales (U.K.), Kristineberg Marine Research Station (Sweden).

Group webpage: Hans Ulrik Riisgård

A complete list of publications by Hans Ulrik Riisgård can be found here.

Hans Ulrik Riisgård