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The External Relations Team is a small but strong and agile team with a solid experience in doing research, building grant proposal and navigating through the Danish and European funding sources. We would like to help you as much as possible, so please do not hesitate to reach out. You can reach us by email, phone or simply show up in our shared office here.

Harald Hasler-Sheetal, team-leader



Phone: +45 9350 7425

Harald Hasler-Sheetal left a position as research development manager at SDU-RIO where he developed large EU projects (e.g. the ERGO project at Biology) and supported SDU's involvement in the EU-reference groups for climate and bioeconomy.

Harald is originally from Austria where he was educated in marine ecology (MSc). In 2009 he moved to Denmark and did a PhD in Marine Ecology at SDU – followed by a postdoc position at Nordcee (SDU) and a postdoc position at AU.

During the past three years at SDU-RIO and during his postdoc at Nordcee, he learned to support and develop successful grant proposals.


Jan Andersen, Senior Executive Advisor



Phone: +45 2877 3396

Jan Andersen holds a Master in computer science and the Danish language. He has more than 20 years of experience in research support mainly from the Faculty of Science at Copenhagen University.

He comes from a position in research support at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. Jan has been supporting ERC applications since the launch of the program. His experience and knowledge on EU Excellence funding will be invaluable for those preparing ERC and Marie Curie applications.


Marie Grimstrup, Research Development Manager



Phone: +45 9350 7620

Marie Grimstrup holds an industrial Ph.D. in Chemistry from Novo Nordisk and has more than 10 years of experience as a senior scientist from the industry, including the local Alphalyse where she was managing a Grand Solutions project.

She comes from a funding advisor position at the Faculty of Engineering, where she has been scrutinizing and improving numerous applications for a wide range of foundations. She has long experience in calls bridging basic science with industrial collaborations. So if innovation is your thing, Marie is the perfect person to contact.


Philip Hallenborg, Research Development Manager



Phone: +45 2972 6880

Philip Hallenborg left his position as ATAP in Professor Blagoy Blagoev's group at BMB to join External Relations on the 1st of April. He holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology from SDU. His many years of experience as a scientist will be an asset when supporting scientists at NAT reaching out for External Relations.

Besides facilitating activities in the CEBI-lab, Philip has been deeply involved in the application process for both national and international foundations. Having seen this process from the scientist's perspective, he is well aware of the many hindrances, investigators at NAT might experience along the hard and bumpy road of assembling a grant proposal.

Philip's role in External Relations will be to partake in the strategic development of the new unit, he will be involved in the contact with scientists across the faculty and he will be happy to assist in every aspect of the application process. Being a spare-time novelist and madly in love with putting words together, he will be especially keen on supporting the writing aspect of proposals.


Jake Readon, EU-Project Manager


Phone: +45 9350 7010

Jake Reardon joined the External Relations Team in February 2021 as project manager and grant writer. He previously served as an AmeriCorps College Adviser promoting financial support for underrepresented students in rural settings, and has since supported student, staff and faculty support in academic environments.

Jake is from the US, and has a background in Dramatic Arts (BA), Chemistry and Higher Education (M.S.Ed). In 2018 he moved to Sweden, most recently joining the Internationalisation Department – Global Collaboration Unit at Uppsala University where he supported a number of international projects in Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

Last Updated 19.04.2021