Academic Council


Academic staff

Professor Jesper Thagaard Wengel (Chair)
Professor Jacob Kongsted
Professor Nils J. Færgeman
Professor Ronnie Glud
Professor Rolf Fagerberg

Technical and administrative staff

Laboratory Technician Sanne Lindgaard Hedemann
Laboratory Technician Heidi Grøn Jensen


Kristian Severin Rasmussen
Laura Ingeborg Davidsen
Maria Nathalia Vinter Kristensen


Professor Martin Zachariasen


Tina Ellehuus Larsen

Meetings in spring 2018

  • 16 January
  • 20 February
  • 16 April
  • 13 June

Rules of procedure

Rules of procedure for the Acacemic Council available only in Danish) 

Agendas and minutes

See agendas and minutes from the Academic Council's meetings.

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