What is the PIC number of the University of Southern Denmark (EU applications)? 999904616

What is the CVR number of the University of Southern Denmark? 29283958

What is the University of Southern Denmark's bank account? Internal link

What is 'overhead'?  Overhead is usually given as a percentage of the direct project costs applied for. The overhead is given to cover the indirect costs of the project. Indirect costs are for example rent, heating, electricity, cleaning, administration, and library. The Danish governmental research councils give 44 % in overhead, EU typically gives 20 %, while private foundations give from 0% and up to an minor part.

I am coming to work as a researcher in Denmark on a grant from another country. Do I need to pay taxes in Denmark? The tax rules in Denmark are complex and there is not one precise answer to this question. The International Staff Office at the University of Southern Denmark can inform you about the rules and the International Citizen Service can tell you about your specific situation.

Post.doc., post doc, postdoc - how is it spelled?
In Danish the word is spelled postdoc from the English postdoctoral (postdoc'en, postdoc'er, postdocen, postdocer). In English the word is spelled postdoc too.

Phd, ph.d., ph.D. - how is it spelled?
In Danish the word is spelled ph.d. (ph.d.en, ph.d.er) and in English the word is spelled PhD.
PhD. is latin for philosophiae doctor.