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X-ray diffraction

X-ray crystallography (single crystal)

Contact:  Christine McKenzie

The X-ray crystallography laboratory houses a Rigaku Oxford Synergy Dualflex diffractometer, equipped with an AtlasS2 CCD detector.


X-ray powder diffraction

Contact:  Frederik Westergaard Lund 

Powder X-ray Diffraction (PXRD) is a non-destructive method used to determine the structure of crystaline materials and to identify the crystaline phases in the compound by way of the crystal structure.

FKF harbors a facility with two Powder X-ray diffractometers.

The Rigaku MiniFlex 600 is an easy to use instrument for routine
measurements and independent measurements by students.

Rigaku MiniFlex 600 

 The PANalytical X’Pert Pro provides a number of advanced measurements.
Such as phase transitioning during heating up to 1200oC,
measurements in vacuum or in an inert athmosphere and
measurements of samples down to a few milligrams.

PANalytical Xpert Pro 

Last Updated 16.05.2022