Microbiology books for kids: Meet Geo and the other microbes

Mon Oo Yee is not only a PhD student at NordCEE, she is also an illustrator of children’s books about microbiology

The book series Microverse is a new type of outreach activity. The well illustrated and colourful books are designed for early readers aged 5-8 and aim at giving a peek into the hidden microscopic world inhabited by microbes.

Each story is based on a day in the life of well-known mi­crobes from Escherichia coli that live in our intestines to Vibrio fischeri that occupy the organs of luminescent squids.

- When I was growing up, I was only introduced to the dark side of the microbes and the lighter side was rarely mentioned. With a mission to preach the good work of microbes to growing young minds, Microverse was born, Mon Oo Yee says.

The stories are created by Mon Oo Yee’s former supervisor Mike Manefield from UNSW, Australia. So far 6 stories about 6 different microbes have been published, and the aim is 12 books in total with activity books for kids as well.

- Being a mi­crobiologist is also to be a spokesperson for the microbes by engaging in scientific outreach to the community, says Mon Oo Yee.

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Mon Oo Yee

PhD student, Nordic Center For Earth Evolution, Department of Biology.

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