How to apply

Your application should contain as a minimum the following information and attachments:

  • The name of the courses you wish to take, its ECTS weighting, form of assessment, examination activity number for courses at SDU, name of institution of higher learning for courses at other universities in Denmark and abroad. In addition, you should enclose a course description of the course in question
  • For courses  abroad with a different grade point system and for which no conversion has been made, you should yourself assess an ECTS weighting for the course you wish to take and enclose documentation for the institution’s grading system and semester weighting
  • The name of course on your SDU programme for which you are seeking credit, the examination number, ECTS weighting and a chronological overview specifying where the course(s) are placed in time.
  • Furthermore, you should enclose a print-out (in Danish) of your examinations, including all attempts.

Remember to note the application requirement of 30 ECTS per semester. This means that you are recommended to find and submit a number of options and combinations if you are not sure of being accepted for the course you wish.