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Advanced credit

Preliminary Credit Approval

(Interim guidelines. Course to changes. Site under Development)

You should apply for advance credit transfer if you wish to:

  • Study abroad, see also
  • Follow courses  at other Danish universities as part of your degree at SDU
  • Follow SDU courses which are not an integral part of your curriculum

Prior to applying for advance credit transfer, you need to consult your curriculum. Here you can often find recommendations as to, for example, when it would be most suitable to study abroad. If necessary, contact an academic supervisor for help with your application.

In addition, you should note the following guidelines:

  • If you wish to replace obligatory  courses  on your SDU programme, you need to find courses  that cover the course description in your curriculum
  • If you wish to replace an elective course, the restrictions are fewer. The elective course must, however, still lie within the framework of your curriculum
  • The courses  must be at the same level as on your SDU programme – i.e. at either the bachelor or masters level
  • The course must have at least the same ECTS weighting as corresponding courses in your curriculum. SDU courses must have the same ECTS weighting. Courses from universities abroad should be assessed as a whole consisting of the equivalent of 30 ECTS for one semester
  • Remember to note the application requirement of 30 ECTS points per semester. This means that you are recommended to find and submit a number of options and combinations if you are not sure of being accepted for the course you wish
  • If you are wanting to take a course at a faculty at SDU other than Humanities, you will need to contact the relevant study first – and, if necessary, request permission
  • If you wish to take a course in the Humanities at SDU, you are recommended to contact the secretariat of studies in question first to find out whether there is space

You can only alter your advance credit transfer if a course does not run according to plan,

Read about procedures and deadlines for advance credit transfer here.

Read how you apply to your board of studies for advance credit transfer here.

Last Updated 16.08.2016