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Examination appeals

Examination appeals

It is not a good feeling to have participated in an exam where you feel that the way in which the exam was conducted or the grading was not fair. Sometimes it results in a need to or a wish for filing an appeal on the conduct of the exam or the grade.

Considerations before filing an appeal
However, before writing an actual appeal, we recommend that you consider what you expect to gain from it - and whether it is the right solution. Take time to reflect on the matter. You should also note that in the event of a re-examination or re- assessment, you may risk getting a lower grade. And finally, writing an appeal takes time.

Please note that should you decide to appeal, it must be submitted within a two-week deadline from the time of publication of the examination results.

Guidance on examination appeals
Before writing and submitting an examination appeal, please read these guidelines. It may also be a good idea to contact your examiner and ask for the reasons for your assessment.  Sometimes a talk can help clear things up.

Use this form for Examination Appeals at the Humanities.

Appealing because of a failed exam?
If you failed an exam and filed an appeal, you should still register for the re-exam. That way you’ll avoid lagging behind in your studies, should the appeal not be judged in your favour. 

Last Updated 20.06.2018