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Study Board for Negot

Lecturer representatives:

Mette Lund Kristensen (Head of Studies)
Vincent Keating
Steven Breunig
Klaus Geyer
Christian Heyde Petersen

Student representatives:

Nadine Helene Bachmann (Vice chairmann)
Julie Holm
 Lisbeth Dahl Kristensen
Mathilde Lauridsen
Caroline Busk Gaba

Meetings in the Study Board Spring 2021
28 January 2021, 12-15
25 February 2021, 12-15
25 March 2021, 12-15
22 April 2021, 12-15
20 May 2021, 12-15
24 June 2021, 12-15

Meetings in the Study Board Spring 2020
23 January 2020
20 February 2020
26 March 2020
23 April 2020
28 May 2020
25 June 2020

Meetings in the Study Board Fall 2020
27 August 2020
24 September 2020
22 October 2020
19 November 2020
10 December 2020

The Study Board´s tasks
The Study Board, among other things, approve teaching plans, make suggestions for the curriculum and process applications for exemption and credit.

Do you need to send an application to the Study Board?
There are several things you should know, when sending an application to the Study Board. Learn how to apply and what deadlines you should be aware of, when applying for exemption and credit, on your programme´s page at under Applications and forms.

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Agenda and Summary

Read agendas and summaries from The Study Board for Negot. Only available in Danish.

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