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The Study Board for Comparative Literature and Cultural studies

Lecturer representatives

 Søren Frank (Head of Study)
Adam Paulsen (lit)
Sten Moslund (lit)  
Charlotte Kroløkke (cult)
Anne Klara Bom (cult) 
Michael Nebeling Petersen, alternate (cult)

Student representatives

Madikken Emmalie Zelda Thomsen
Martin Hemmje Østergaard
Mervan Erdem
Sally Alsted Nørgaard
Robyn Hjære Jakobsen
Lea Victoria Rugård Jensen (suppleant)
Meeting dates in 2021:

 27. januar 10.15-12.00
24. februar 10.15-12.00
24. marts 12.30-13.55
5. maj 10.15-12.00
23. juni 10.15-12.00
25. august 10.15-12.00
6. oktober 10.15-12.00
10. november 10.15-12.00
15. december 10.15-12.00

The Study Board´s tasks
The Study Board, among other things, approve teaching plans, make suggestions for the curriculum and process applications for exemption and credit.

Do you need to send an application to the Study Board?
There are several things you should know, when sending an application to the Study Board. Learn how to apply and what deadlines you should be aware of, when applying for exemption and credit, on your programme´s page at under Applications and forms.

Contact your Study Board

Send an email if you have any questions.

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Agenda and Summary

Read agendas and summaries from The Study Board for Comparative Literature and Cultural studies. Only available in Danish.

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Last Updated 18.02.2021