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Online oral exams at the Humanities during Covid-19

Guide for external censors

There are multiple ways to join a zoom meeting room. We recommend you install the Zoom software. 

Note: If you need to act as a host in the meeting i.e. manage students in the waiting room do not log in as guest! 

Joining as guest also means, you will have to be admitted to meeting room by a host in the meeting (for an example, the co-censor).

1. Click on the Zoom meeting link you have been provided with. It will look like this: (Note! This is an example.)
2. Install the Zoom Software.
3. Start Zoom by clicking the link again if it has not started already.
4. Choose yes if your browser asks you to open zoom.
5. Choose “Join a Meeting”.

6. Enter your meeting ID and name. In this example, the number you would type would be 123456789. Then press join. 


7. If you land on a waiting screen, the host will need to let you in.

8. Once inside you can connect your camera and microphone by pressing these buttons:


If you are having trouble installing Zoom, you can join from a browser instead.
We recommend you use Google Chrome for this! Another browser may not be able to use your microphone.
1. Find your zoom meeting link invitation. Copy the link into the browser address field you want to use.
2. Press “Click here” 
3. After a few seconds “Join from your browser” should appear. 
4. Press “Join from your browser”.
5. You will be asked to type your name and confirm you are not a robot.
6. Press join to proceed into the meeting start microphone and camera.


In case none of the above options work, you can join through phone. 

  1. Denmark: +45 89 88 37 88 or +45 32 70 12 06 or +45 32 71 31 57 or +45 32 72 80 10 or +45 32 72 80 11
  2. You will be asked to type the meeting id followed by a participant id. 
In the meeting invitation there is an option for joining from Skype for Business. Press the link to launch or use the dial method.
  1. Launch:!)
  2.  Or Dial: (example!)


When it comes to the handling of personal data there is an important difference between using Zoom with a SDU account and with a free account.
Always make sure, that you are using Zoom with your SDU account. This way, the handling of personal data is regulated and you don't need to worry. SDU have agreements with Zoom about the handling of data in compliance with GDPR.

The way to determine if you are using your SDU account:
1. Be sure to log in to Zoom with you SDU-account ('Sign in with SSO' - guide attached above on this page)
2. Check that your meeting URL starts with ''

More on this at Danish e-infrastructure cooperation (DeIC). DeIC is our data processor on this.
In general, video services like Zoom, Teams or Skype for Business should not be used for sharing documents containing sensitive personal data. If you have to share sensitive personal data, use Onedrive,  Sharepoint or Nextcloud.

For a distinction on personal data and sensitive personal data, consult this page (in danish) at the Danish Data Protection Agency or the European Unions definition (in English).


Having technical problems? Please call +45 6550 2990.
Questions? Send us a mail at 


Last Updated 13.05.2020