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Work packages

Narrative medicine in practice: Writing and reading workshops

Participants: Ander Juhl Rasmussen, Helle Ploug Hansen, Peter Simonsen, Anna Paldam Folker, Ulla Hedegaard, Mette Marie Kristensen & Tine Riis Andersen

WP 1 will develop, test and evaluate writing and reading for people with serious, chronic illness or for men who are retired or on the way towards retirement, who are at risk of loneliness, lack of meaning and disease evolution. These two sub-projects are considered exemplary so that the research-based knowledge generated can be transferred to other groups of people who are threatened by health-related issues, ill, undergoing rehabilitation or in the palliative phase. The basic assumption in WP 1 is that the use of literature may have health-related effects and may result in new knowledge on narrative medicine as research and practice. The ultimate objective of the writing and reading workshops is for them to become IT-supported and economically sustainable services in the Danish healthcare system.

As part of WP 1, continuing education courses for and with healthcare professionals will also be developed. The researchers have already concluded an agreement with PLO on a course in narrative medicine entitled: “Literature in practice” for general practitioners (will be held for the first time in 2020). Work is also underway for developing similar continuing education offers for physicians and nurses at OUH. WP1 consists of the following sub-projects:

As part of WP 1, continuing education courses will be developed for and with healthcare professionals, including a course in narrative medicine entitled: "Literature in practice" for general practitioners. Moreover, a training courses for doctors and nurses at Odense University Hospital is in the process of being developed.


Illness narratives and patient conversations in life-changing situations

Participants: Cindie Maagaard, Anette Søgaard Nielsen & Anita Wohlmann

The overall purpose of t WP 2 is to strengthen the communicative competencies of healthcare professionals by illustrating the roles of narratives and metaphors in illness narratives and patient conversations in life-changing situations, where the patient, alone or in conversation with healthcare professionals, seeks an acknowledgement of the often-decisive directions taken in life. This is done based one of the basic principles of narrative medicine, that the understanding of the patient’s life situation is a prerequisite for effective communication and treatment.


Network and collaborative research

Participants: Anita Wohlmann & Anders Juhl Rasmussen

WP 3 will renew the network for narrative medicine based at SDU. An inter-Nordic research group will be set up within the existing Nordic Network for Narratives in Medicine. The research group will be focusing on working with narrative medicine in education and practice and will collaborate on the development of new, joint research projects.


Other projects within Narrative Medicine at SDU

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