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Interactive and Cognitive Processes in Healthcare

The research group “Interactive and Cognitive Processes in Healthcare” focuses on the communicative / interactional and cognitive / interactive dimensions of these complex encounters. The ambition is to understand and promote good practices for how healthcare professionals communicate with and relationally encounter patients, as well as how health professionals cognitively and interactively collaborate with each other and in that way create efficient healthcare systems.

The research group comprises researchers across health science and the humanities, including experts in interaction research, implementation research and cognitive science, as well as physicians, nurses, psychologists and theologians. The group works in a broad sense with communicative and cognitive competence development through communication and simulation training. The group moreover conducts important basic research by drawing on cognitive ethnography, multimodal interview analysis, interview methods, and spiritual care.

The vision for “Interactive and Cognitive Processes in Healthcare” is that SDU becomes a leader in research into interaction and cognition in health-related contexts. Greater knowledge of interactive and cognitive processes could contribute to the development of better clinical practice. The group's work is both team- and patient-oriented, and it includes both clinical and simulation practice. The group works for a research-based development of clinical practice, both through interventions in practice and through education and training courses for healthcare professionals.

Head of the research group

Sune Vork Steffensen, professor, Department of Language and Communication
Jette Ammentorp, professor, Department of Regional Health

Research projects
Cognition, Communication and Competency Development in Healthcare 

Last Updated 11.03.2021