Our mision

The center takes a humanistic perspective by focusing on the human understanding of technology.

We believe that this is central as questions of how technology impacts the individual and it's effects on human communities often remain underexposed in both research and the public debate.

At this center, we address these questions within a plethora of different research topics and in close dialogue of the fields of engineering, social sciences, and marketing.  

The center cuts across different fields of the humanities (history, philosophy, communication and interaction studies, design, literature, visual art, gender studies) with a view to investigating the relationship between technology, individual, communities and society.

From the philosophy of technology, science, technology and society studies (STS), aesthetic criticism, communication studies (e.g. human robot interaction), cultural anthropology, media technology and the learning sciences, the humanities have worked intensely on these issues.

The humanities can offer substantial insight that contribute to not just current debates entertained by the surrounding society, but also actual design processes.