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Industrial Leadership

The second pillar in the Horizon 2020 aims at making Europe a more attractive location to invest in research and innovation, by promoting activities where businesses set the agenda. The programme has a budget of 15.6 bn. EUR. The programmes in this pillar are: Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technology (LEIT), Access to Risk Finance, and Innovation in SME’s.

Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technology (LEIT): This is a focus under the second pillar and its aim is to strengthen the deployment of industrial technologies, including Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) such as ICT, nanotechnologies, advanced materials and processing, biotechnology, manufacturing. The programme has a budget of 12.4 bn. EUR

Possibilities for SME’s: The SME-instrument is found throughout Horizon 2020 and should be consulted under each of the separate programmes. Search for SME Instrument.  

The open calls can be found here, and are guided by two year work programmes. These can be found here.

At the so called participant portal where you will find the calls there is also a new search engine, where you can search for key-words in all the open call in order for you to find the call that suits you. E.g. search “Power Processing Unit” and find relevant call. Find it here.



Last Updated 16.08.2016