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Briefly about applications

In principle, applications are connected with both the work hours of employees as well as the economy of the institution, which is why all applications must adhere to a series of approvals and registrations.


Public notice:

  1. Approval (Head of the Department)
    • Application proposal to be approved by the Head of the Department
  2. Registration (the department)
    • The department registers the project - the following data must be included as a minimum:
      • Main applicant
      • Preliminary title
      • Preliminary budget
      • Call
      • Application deadline


Writing the application:

In cooperation with the department a plan for the preparation of the budget must be made.


Quality assurance:

  1. Application creation (Applicant)
    • The preparation of the application itself is the responsibility of the applicant, however, the department, Researcher Support at the Faculty of Humanities as well as other SDU resources are available during the entire process.
    • Potential co-financing or coverage of indirect expenses must be arranged with the Head of the Department in plenty of time before the deadline.
  2. Approval (the Head of the Department)
    • The Head of the Department must approve the finished application, including the budget.
  3. The signing (Researcher Service and/or the Head of the Department)
    • The application, including the budget, must be approved and signed by the finance department of Researcher Service and/or the Head of the Department.
  4. Submitting the application (Applicant/ department)
  5. Registration (department)
    • The finished application is submitted to the department for registration in PANDA. 

Last Updated 16.08.2016